X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation

X Guide Saxon 744x2661

Dr. Leslie Carroll and North Texas Periodontics & Implantology are proud to invest in the most advanced dental technology. We have recently added the X-Guide® Dynamic 3D Navigation system to our practice. This proven dental technology gives our patients an elevated experience and allows us to place dental implants with a higher accuracy, providing the very best results.

Our surgeons are specially trained to use this advanced technology to give our patients the best care. With the X-Guide our surgeons are able to

  • Plan and place your implant with extreme control
  • Give you beautiful and functional results while saving you time
  • Improve accuracy with better visibility to help avoid complications

img implant surgery

Implant surgery that is 10x more accurate than freehand surgery.

Our surgeons will pre-plan your implant location using the X-Guide’s advanced navigation software to scan your mouth. The use of 3D Cone Beam technology with the X-Guide allows the surgeon to have turn-by-turn guidance during your procedure, for extreme accuracy and precision. Real-time viewing lessens the number of implant placement complications when compared to traditional still-images like an X-ray.

Better results in less time. 

The X-Guide’s advanced technology enables our surgical team to provide you with a better implant procedure experience with minimally invasive incisions, giving you more desirable, functional and aesthetic results. With better visibility before and during your procedure, your surgeon will be able to place your implants using guided navigation for a quicker, more precise procedure and a faster recovery time.

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